E-Assessment, Learning and Appreciation

By using information technology for evaluation is done e-Assessment. E-testing system consists of two components: an evaluation engine, a questions bank. When given a computer test do the same as when using paper and pen, noting that computer test is extracted from a asked question benk, and displayed on the computer screen. In order to solve problems specific to a business domain e-assessment focuses on more complex forms of interactive activities require spe- cific knowledge of a domain. Thus using WebCT-Web Course Tools the teacher offers the student to be consulted and treated with keywords and course objectives. Course topics are announced and questions arising from the course. In the WebCT find ways of testing students’ knowledge in a variety of ways such as true-false, multiple choise, matching, etc.. CAT Computerized adaptive testing, successively selects questions from previous questions, exam adapting to the individual. Given the purpose of e-learning to train and educate professionals, we consider two forms of assessment that is formative and one summative assessment.

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